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Our clients come first.


"Richard Novell is passionate about his work in an ever evolving tech world. He challenges himself every day, and always if not immediately, responds to inquiring calls. His past life experience motivates him to "Pay it Forward!" He has "The Gift" and he shares it. "

(Dolores Ivanchich, 12/15/2023
Franklin, WI)

"Rich is hard working and does whatever he can to get the job done! I appreciate his timeliness whenever I am in need of his services! Thank you Rich! "

(Jane Zimmerman, 01/2023
Franklin, WI)

"Richard has always done an amazing job responding to our tech needs as we are not tech savvy! I will continue to use Novell Consulting and their amazing services and recommend them to others! "

(Richie Lokker, 01/2023
Muskego, WI)

"Rich will not stop until all your problems are fixed! Highly knowledgeable, very friendly, thorough, and will help you figure out everything you need to know. I recommend Novell Consulting without a shred of hesitation. "

(Adam Moscinski, 03/2022
Franklin, WI)

"This is Sharon Dillon. I was constantly getting informed that my iCloud was full. I didn't know what to do. I am patient, but it was getting to be too much. I went to Rich Novell and he fixed it right away, clearly explaining each thing he was doing, so that I could easily remember what to do if it happened again.
I used to be a teacher and Rich is that kind of a consultant. He is patient and demonstrates in small, easy-to-understand steps. Without any pressure, he made sure I understood. It was a great experience and I will return when I am in need of help the next time. "

(Sharon Dillon, 03/2022
Franklin, WI)

"You can feel safe and comfortable when Chad Novell comes into your home as he is very trustworthy and a very effective communicator. Chad is always willing to teach you. He is very patient, knowledgeable, and explains problems concisely. He works well with seniors! I feel grateful that he has come into our lives as it sure makes for less frustration on our computers, cell phones, and other equipment. "

(Barb Pollack, 01/2022
Franklin, WI)

"Wow, a person that speaks about my computer in language I can understand! Richard Novell is a great technician-teacher who helped me more that I ever expected. I now know 100% more about my computer and the internet that I did before, but know that I can call him with any question or issue and he will help me. Totally cool-groovy-excellent-awesome-go 70+ , et al. "

(Suzette Ditsworth, 03/2022
Franklin, WI)

"Richard and Chad are just excellent at what they do. We had them update our computers in the office and coordinate all of the loose ends of our advertising and online presence to a more cohesive presentation of our company. They bend over backwards to help out their clients and I really just can't say enough for their professionalism and great service! "

(Jill Anderson - Anderson Flooring Co., 02/2021
New Berlin, WI)

"We are an "older" couple and not computer savvy so, over many years, Rich has been our tech guru! He has helped us with the team viewer app that allows him to take control remotely. He works long and hard to correct our issue and we are grateful for his caring attention. He never gives up until it's fixed!!."

(Bob & Claudia Stewart, 02/2021
Twin Oaks, Franklin, WI)

"Richard has been an enormous help to myself and my husband over the years. He is a wizard on the computer and if he does not know the answer he is not afraid of taking the extra time to find a solution. He is a man of his word and very caring and compassionate in dealing with many in their tech needs. "

 (Jane Pipito, 02/2021
Franklin, WI)

"Did great job on my Windows 10 PC. Hard drive was acting up and they replaced with a SSD. All data and apps ported over and has run fine since changed. Had PC back in a few days. Provided phone support when I wasn't sure of something a while later. Would use again and recommend Novell Consulting to others. "

 (Wayne Muszynski, 02/2021
Milwaukee, WI)

"I have worked with Novell Consulting for six years. He is responsive, understanding and takes time to explain things. I have not had any problems with my desktop or laptop, software, Internet speed, router, etc. I also have had an excellent experience with Novell Consulting and my new smart TV."

 (Michele Kenner, 02/2021
Franklin WI)

"I have used Novell Consulting several times for computer and printer problems. The service was always prompt and accurate. Richard is a friendly person who explains what he is doing every step of the way. He is always ready to help. He even helped me fix my Alexa! I have recommended Novell Consulting to friends for good service with reasonable prices. "

 (Jerri Karas Schubet, 11/2018
Franklin, WI)

"My experience with Novell Consulting has been outstanding. Over the last couple years Novell has assisted our church and our child development center with excellent trouble shooting and relatively quick repairs of our computer equipment and network. Rich Novell is very efficient and operates with a sense of determination in fixing and repairing equipment and software. Novell is very knowledgeable. Not only that they listen to you explain your problem to be sure the work solves the problem. Also Novell is very friendly and respects your time. I have recommended Novell to others and they are happy too."

 (Rev. Stu Merkel, 04/2015
Faith Community Church, Franklin, WI)

"Richard has volunteered his time for over 10 years at the Franklin Public Library. He works individually with library patrons of all skill sets regarding computer usage. He has been a real asset to the library program as our budget would NOT have been able to afford someone of his caliber. It is because of his service to the library that more people are now able to use the internet, set up email, design webpages etc. Richard takes them from a basic/novice level to actual computer user. His services are invaluable to us and the Franklin community"

 ( Barbara Roark, 02/2012
Director at Franklin WI Public Library)

"I am an 82 year old retired physician (General Pathology) who has known Rich for about five years. I know little about his profession and the accomplishments that he has achieved over his career. For me it is impressive but not necessarily akin to my background. My intent here is to express my admiration for Rich Novell as a good man! We met when he came to our home to consult regarding my computer. He does this as a community service. Many of his clients are elderly, with the desire to learn, thus intent on venturing into the electronic laden 21st century. Rich is there for them as a mentor, to restore, mend, and, if necessary, build a new computer ALL AT A LOW PRICE, IF NOT COST. He is there for us old folks who are still learning. Richard Novell is a dynamic, energetic, extremely capable ‘young’ man who seeks challenges with passion. He is kind, thoughtful, dedicated to his family and one who reaches out to share his many talents with others. We are all blessed with talent. When it comes to talent RICH is a RICH man"

(Paul Glunz, M.D., 01/2012
Twin Oaks, Franklin, WI)

"Richard is a highly motivated and passionate programmer. His attention to detail with superb analytical abilities sets him apart from the rest. He maintains a vision of the strategic objective and not only facilitates but helps the customer understand the big picture. His objectives remain focused on delivering high quality results with a realistic approach. He is a gem! "

(Tracy Trench 01/2012
First Vice President at Robert W Baird & Co)

"I have had the opportunity of working with Rich on several different projects at Baird. Rich understands technical details of the project and has the ability to explain the details to anyone at any level of the firm. He always has a smile and positive attitude. Rich’s attention to detail and recommendations always helps to keep each project moving forward to a successful completion."

( Lisa North 01/2012
Product Manager)